Famous 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine A to Z Explained

Most of us are heard the 10-step Korean skincare routine, which is their key to flawless and radiant skin. In this article, you will find the complete 10-step Korean night skincare routine.

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10 step korean skin care routine

There is no denying that we are obsessed with Korean beauty. Even those who have perfect skin are fascinated with the idea of achieving a porcelain look. Most of us are heard of the 10-step Korean skincare routine, which is key to flawless and radiant skin. This article will find the complete 10-step Korean skincare routine.

It is very important to remove makeup before going to bed- Makeup can cause extensive damage to your skin during the night. The skin renews itself while you sleep, and when you leave makeup on, you are preventing that from happening.

Take out a tissue to gently wipe off makeup and other impurities. For the eye area, wipe with incredibly gentle motions while keeping the eyes closed to prevent the formula from getting in.

STEP-1. Oil Cleanser 

It is the first step of the Korean skincare routine. You have to take off the dirt, sebum, and impurities accumulated on your face. Using a cleansing oil binds the dirt with the oil and makes it easier to clean your skin thoroughly.

Put a small amount of cleanser in your palm with a splash of water, gently massage until a light lather forms, and wash off with lukewarm water.

STEP-2. Double Cleanse

Once you have oil-cleansed your face and removed all makeup and dirt, use a gentle foaming cleanser to clean your face.

foaming cleanser to clean the face

Take a pump or two of the cleanser and lather the product onto your hand to create foam. Glamorweb prefers using a foam net as it produces much better foam. Gently massage for 2-3 minutes and rinse the product off with lukewarm water.

STEP-3. Exfoliate

Exfoliation essentially means removing dead skin cells from your skin. This step will make your skin appear brighter and help improve skin texture and tone.

When cleansing, release an appropriate amount onto your hand to melt the salt to create the foam. Massage onto face and rinse with lukewarm water. Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week as regular scrubbing damage your skin and spoil your Korean skincare routine.

STEP-4. Toner

 A toner is meant to remove leftover dirt from your face and balance your skin’s pH levels. They also tend to be moisturizing and soothing. 

balance skin’s pH levels

Apply over the face and neck after cleansing, then gently pat for better absorption.

STEP-5. Essence

An essence is genuinely one of the most vital parts of the Korean skincare routine. It offers the best of both worlds – it soothes your skin while healing it at the same time. An essence is packed with hydrating ingredients and also speeds up cell turnover.

Use an appropriate amount on the entire face and neck, massage with fingers to burst the capsule, and lightly pat to let your skin absorb it.

STEP-6. Serum

Your skin is now clear and ready to absorb the more essential ingredients effectively. A face serum is a slightly concentrated and heavier version of an essence. It contains active ingredients to address specific skin issues like wrinkles, pigmentation, and dark spots.

Apply an appropriate amount onto thoroughly face and neck, then gently smooth for better absorption.

STEP-7. Sheet Mask

This Korean beauty product has taken the Korean skincare routine by storm. Sheet masks are soaked in serum and are packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals. They are also highly hydrating, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Korean beauty product

Pull out the sheet mask and remove the film. The sheet mask will be divided into upper and lower parts. Set them on your face so that they stick tightly. Peel the sheet mask off after 10-20 minutes and pat the remaining cream to help absorption. Do not wear too long as it will suck moisture from your face.

STEP-8. Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is usually the first to show signs of aging. Eye creams are specifically tailored to address your under-eyes and prevent wrinkles, dark circles, and crow’s feet. They soothe the skin under your eyes and keep it hydrated.

Apply appropriately around the eyes, then gently pat for better absorption.

STEP-9. Moisturize

The Koreans believe that this step is vital to lock in the previous layers. It’s more like an occlusive barrier used to lock in the previously applied products.

Take a small amount of the cream OR lotion and gently rub it into your skin. Massage your skin in circular motions for 4-5 minutes.

STEP-10. Sleeping Pack

The final step of the Korean skincare routine is to apply a sleeping pack. A sleeping pack can help you get a better night’s sleep by blocking out artificial light and helping to maintain hormone balance. It does all the heavy lifting as you snooze by creating a protective veil over your skin, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate throughout the night.

the final step of the Korean skincare routine

Take an appropriate number of capsules, crush, apply onto the entire face and let it be absorbed. Leave on overnight and rinse with water the following day.

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