7-Best Weight Loss Tips You’ve Never Heard

Do you have trouble losing weight? Or would you like to lose faster? You’ve come to the right place. Get ready for weight loss without hunger.

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weight loss

We are always worried about our weight; while few of us want to lose some weight, others will be concentrating on gaining weight. Both are equally challenging, and in this post, Glamorweb is trying to find a solution for the losing weight problem. We have often seen that we seem to have a few extra things in the wrong places even though we are working out. That’s because we miss considering those little snacks, cookies, and cakes we keep having now and then. Weight management is a mix of diet and working out, and when the goal is to lose weight, being a disciplinarian is essential.

Do you have trouble losing weight? Or would you like to lose faster? You’ve come to the right place. Get ready for weight loss without hunger.

  • Over the past decades, much research has focused on the causes of obesity and how it could be prevented or treated.

Root Causes of weight Gain

1. Hormonal Imbalance

 Many hormone-related conditions can cause weight gain, including an underactive thyroid (when your thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism). Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) (a hormone-related problem that is causing small cysts on the ovaries) and menopause (which results in hormonal changes that can make you more likely to gain weight around your abdomen).

2. Internal Inflammation

Studies show that inflammation is a common underlying factor in all major degenerative diseases — including heart disease, cancer, hypertension, and diabetes — and can also cause weight gain and difficulty losing weight.

3. Lack Of Sleep

lake of sleep

Studies have shown that when people don’t get enough sleep, they: Have increased levels of a hunger hormone called ghrelin and decreased levels of the satiety/fullness hormone called leptin, which could lead to overeating and weight gain.

4. Stress


Chronic or poorly managed stress may lead to elevated cortisol levels that stimulate your appetite. The result is weight gain. Cortisol not only promotes weight gain, but it can also affect where you put on the weight.

5. Gut Bacterial Imbalance

A diet high in processed foods and added sugars can decrease the number of good bacteria in your gut. This imbalance can cause increased sugar cravings, damaging your gut further. High amounts of refined sugars, particularly high-fructose corn syrup, have been linked to the increased weight of the body.

6. Toxicity

Toxins can affect many hormones involved in your metabolism, including insulin, leptin, ghrelin, thyroid, cortisol, and many others. Toxins can affect mitochondrial function by damaging certain enzymes that affect fatty acid oxidation and thermogenesis, reducing your ability to burn fat.

7 Steps For Weight Loss Naturally 

1. Morning drink

morning drink

Glamorweb suggested one of the best DIY morning drinks. To make this drink, take one glass of lukewarm water in a glass. Then add 2-2 teaspoons of ginger juice and three teaspoons of lemon juice as these three ingredients have multiple health benefits and got a tremendous effect on weight.

2. Start eating breakfast


 Eating breakfast will jump-start your metabolism. It prevents overeating during the day. Choose a meal that has protein and high fiber for staying power. 

3. Watching your drinks

Drink Water

Water can be beneficial for weight loss. It is 100% calorie-free, helps you burn more calories, and may even suppress your appetite if consumed before meals. The benefits are even more significant when you replace sugary beverages with water. It is a straightforward way to cut back on sugar and calories. Have eight glasses of water a day. It keeps your brain sharp and your body hydrated.

4. Filling up on fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and nutrients while low in calories. They make you will fill up faster and eat less. 

5. Avoid fast food

Avoid Fast Food

There is nothing wrong with having an occasional burger and fries. But avoid having those types of foods every day. Make them a treat that you only have now and then.

6. Avoiding mindless snacking


If you get hungry in the afternoon, keep your snack healthy by avoiding candy, cookies, and other tempting sweets. Also, pay attention to other reasons you may eat, like being bored, tired, or feeling blue. Emotional eating only makes things worse and doesn’t make your problems disappear.

7. Exercise every day

weight loss

Get at least 1 hour of exercise every day, even if it is just taking a long walk. An easy way to lose weight quickly and meet the daily physical activity requirement is to choose activities you enjoy. Enlist your friend to join you on your journey to weight loss. 

Glamorweb tips for weight loss

  • Don’t spend your days sitting on the couch watching t.v.
  • Use jaggery instead of sugar.
  • Always keep your body and mind active.
  • Early dinner for weight loss.
  • Avoid drinking coffee or tea.
  • Sleep well for 6-7 hours.
  • 16-hour fasting for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Drink coconut water 3 to 4 times a week.
  • Eat fruits instead of juice.
  • Give some breaks while eating instead of eating at a time.

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