These Exercises Give You Complete Fitness

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Body Weight Squat

Turn the hands to the front. Keeping the toes slightly out, spread the feet equal to the width of the shoulders. Now go down as far as you can in the squat position.

08-10 Times

Jumping Jacks

Jumping slightly in the air, join both hands upwards while spreading the legs. Then jump like this and come back to the normal position.

15 Times


In the position of pushups, bend the hands and rest the body on the elbows. Keep the hands parallel to the floor. Keep the body as straight as possible.

15 sec.

Reverse Lunge

Stand with your feet slightly apart. Now taking one leg backwards, bring the knee to the ground. Now while standing, come to the normal position by emphasizing on the first leg.

06 Times


Spread the hands equal to the width of the shoulders, straighten the body on the ground. Now take the chest to a distance of about an inch from the floor. Come back to the position.

05-08 Times

Lying Hip Raises

Lie down on the ground. Bending the legs while emphasizing on the toes, slowly raise the hips till the body comes in a straight line. The shoulders should remain on the floor.

10 Times

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