By Simran  March 16, 2022

Post Holi Hair And Skin Care Guide

Use Cold Water


It is best to use cold water to remove colors instead of hot water. Hot water makes the stains more difficult to remove.

Remove Colors Naturally


Use natural home remedies to remove the holi colors.

Soothe Sunburn


Take an ice cube( wrap in cotton cloth ) and gently rub it on your face and neck.

Use Sheet Mask


Holi makes your skin dry and causes acne breakouts that need extra care. So, only CTM isn’t enough.

Say ‘No’ To Makeup


Avoid using makeup on your skin for a couple of days. Let your skin heal and get its moisture back.

Brush Your Hair


After Holi, It is good to comb your hair before washing them. It helps to remove the dry colors from your hairs.

Use Cold Water


After removing the excess color, wash your hair with cold water. Use mild shampoo to wash off.

Use Hair Mask


Use a homemade hair mask as a deep conditioner to provide deep nourishment to your hair.