Every day is a teddy day for me, when I am with you, but yet it's worthy to celebrate, and the only reason is you, love! Happy Teddy Day!

Who said teddies aren't real... just look at you!!... You are the most cute and lovable teddy! Happy Teddy Day!

Like your teddy, I want you to hug me tight and spend with me all your nights. Happy teddy day!

Sending you all my love wrapped in a bear hug. Happy teddy day my teddy bear.

It’s Teddy Day and I am waiting for your hugs and kisses baby!!

You don’t need a teddy as you are the one for me. And, I want you to be this fluffy and cute always love. Happy Teddy Day!!

All the stress and tension is gone when I have my teddy by my side giving me lots of hugs. Happy Teddy Day.

The soft cuddly teddy is there to show, I will always be there for you. This you should know. Happy Teddy Day!

Sweetheart, there is nothing more secure and happy place to feel loved other than your arms. Happy Teddy Day, love!

Tender Endearing Friend Down Right Cute Delicate Year after year by my side


Please, be my Teddy this year love!!

There is only one person in the whole world who can give competition to teddy bears in terms of cuteness and it is you my love. Happy Teddy Day!!

To make the teddy day a happy one for you, I am sending this replica of mine to hug you, care for you, kiss you, and to give you every happiness. - Happy teddy day dear.

Teddy is a stress buster like me, a tight hugger like me, no complains and demands; in case you don't find me, you know where to go...Your Teddy.

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