A very happy and special Hug Day to my love. Holding you in my arms is the best feeling that cannot be put in words!

Love, your hug is the dose of energy for me that recharge me each and every day and in the bad times…. Happy Hug Day!

I cannot wrap my love for you in a box, but I can warp you in my arms to let you know that how much I love you. Happy Hug Day, sweetheart!

I wish I could make each and every day a special one for you by gifting you lots and lots of hugs and kisses each day…. Best wishes on Hug Day, darling.

Every time you hug, it feels like I am on a Love drug.

The best ever way in which I can express my love to you is by giving you a tight hug so that you can listen to my heartbeat….. Happy Hug Day my love.

This Hug Day, I am sending you the warmest hug that will vanish all your pains and worries so that you can smile that crazily again as you use to do. Happy Hug Day, dear!

If you are searching for any gift to give me, then be happy and save your money as your hug is the best thing that you can ever give me. 

I feel precious and valuable when you hug me tight. I love you a lot my sweetheart, you will always be mine. Happy Hug Day.

Hugs- No cost! No batteries required! Tax-free!

A hug is the language of love. Let me express that what is still unspoken between us.

No medicine can help me as much as a hug from you can. Happy Hug Day!

A tight hug is the best way to let someone know how much you love them. Happy Hug Day!

Hugs never get enough because love and warmth never get enough as our soul always craves for more. Happy Hug Day to you.

On this special day of love, give me a tight hug and promise to stay with me forever. Happiest Hug Day!

Never wait until tomorrow to hug someone you could hug today. Go ahead and give a tight hug to the one you love the most. Happy Hug Day!

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